GESEL HEINZ Diesel Additive is a highly effective combination of cleaning and material protecting active agents for all common diesel engines. It cleans and protects the diesel and injection systems and thus increases reliability and economy of diesel engines. GESEL HEINZ Diesel Additive secures an exact diesel injection and diesel spraying, leading to fuel savings. It protects against wear as well as corrosion and prevents from “Nailing” as well as rough engine idling.

Cleans the diesel system and the combustion chamber
Secures an exact diesel atomisation
Improves the ignition performance and reduces fuel related “Nailing”
Reduces the development of smoke, especially under full load
Optimises emission test values and reduces harmful emissions

Content of the can is suffi cient for up to 70 litres of diesel fuel.
Add every 2.000 km before refuelling.


GESEL HEINZ DIESEL Smoke Stop is an effi cient diesel fuel additive for the reduction of exhaust smoke due to improved soot burn-off ratio. Suitable for all kind of common diesel fuel, summer and winter diesel as well as bio-diesel.

Immediate effect right after the use.
Reduces CO2 and HC emissions and the typical diesel exhaust gas smell.
Cleans the diesel injection system and ensures a smooth engine running.
Contains corrosion protecting components.
Reduces environmental pollution and exhaust smoke.

For all passenger car and truck diesel engines. To be used as preventative measure before each service interval. Suitable for all common diesel engines with and without diesel particulate filter. Suitable for all common rail diesel engines or pump-injector systems. Please add the content of the can to the fuel tank. 300 ml are suffi cient for up to 80 litres of diesel fuel. Please make sure, that there are at least 5 – 10 litres of diesel fuel in the tank.