GESEL HEINZ is a young German brand for the international automotive market, developed and marketed by Gesol Technologies GmbH, Berlin. It stands for premium automotive lubricants, additives and car care products exclusively Made in Germany.

The combination of over 25 years of international management and sales experience in the lubricant business together with the latest technologies in the development and manufacturing of high-class automotive products is the driving power of this new market player. Based on solid German production standards and reliable German quality management, GESEL HEINZ offers a wide range of items to cover all demands of a modern workshop and satisfies all needs of every passionate car driver. The core competence of GESEL HEINZ is the ability to design and offer well-balanced car care schemes as well as all-in-one projects to car owners.

German car manufacturer approvals and successfully conducted TÜV tests give every car driver a safe and pleasant driving experience. At the same time, GESEL HEINZ products contribute to a healthy environment thanks to carefully selected raw materials and optimised product formulations, which clean and protect all parts of the engine and thus reducing emissions.