Product description

GESEL HEINZ PLUS LL TOPTECH ANTIFREEZE is a premium radiator antifreeze pre-mixed formulation based on monoethylene glycol. It is free of nitrite, amine and phosphate. GESEL HEINZ PLUS LL TOPTECH ANTIFREEZE has been developed specifically to meet the requirements of aluminium and cast iron engines in passenger cars and commercial vehicles. It reliably protects against deposits, corrosion and foam formation and thus ensures optimal heat dissipation. It is used in many internal combustion engines according to the manufacturer´s specification.

Product advantages
Ready-mix – ready for immediate use.
Realiable antifreeze protection at temperatures as low as -37 °C.
Reduction of the risk of incorrect filling.
Elimination of problems caused by unsuitable water quality or a false mixing ratio.
Very good and permanent corrosion pretection and reliable prevention of deposits.
Additive technology containing silicate.
Unsurpassed protection against cavitation.

The quality of this product is equivalent to EU regulations

ASTM D3306/4985/4656
AFNOR NF R 15-601
BS 6580   
SAE J1034
BMW N60069.0
MAN 324 NF/Pritader
MB 326.0
MTU MTL 5048
Opel/GM B 040 0240
VW TL 774-C (G11)